Frequently asked questions


Where/when will the summer/winter school take place?

The event will take place completely online (via Sched and Zoom on your device/app/browser of choice). An identical schedule will be held in three different time zones:

1. UTC+8 (Asia/Oceania)

2. UTC (Africa/Europe)

3. UTC-4 (The Americas)

Additionally, if you live near any of the local hubs, you have the possibility to watch the live sessions with other local participants in person at a local hub venue. 

Which time zone should I attend?

We suggest you attend the sessions during the time zone that is closest to your own. However, depending on your own schedule, you may choose to attend sessions in different time zones. You will be able to switch time zones in the online event platform.

What are local hubs?

You can find all information on local hubs on this page.

What is the difference between lectures, discussions, practical sessions etc.?

Lectures are prerecorded videos provided by experts in the field, which will be made available for download before the start of the live events. The speakers and topics are listed here.

The live events in three time zones include Discussion sessions, during which the recorded lectures will be live-streamed and a discussion will be held live online by the speaker and/or an expert on the topic. Discussion sessions provide the opportunity to ask questions and delve deeper into the lecture topics.

Practical sessions are hands-on workshops on methodological topics.

There will also be Opportunities sessions, where participants can learn about PhDs, internships and other international research opportunities. Additionally, Networking sessions will be held in GatherTown, where participants, lecturers and volunteers will be able to get to know each other in an informal setting.  

Are there opportunities for networking?

Yes, the school will include Opportunities sessions, where participants will learn about PhD, internships and other international research opportunities. There will also be Networking sessions held in GatherTown, where participants, lecturers and volunteers will be able to get to know each other in an informal setting.  

Local hubs may also provide social activities (more details will be sent after registration). You will also be able to live (group) chat with other participants during the event.


Who can participate?

Students at all levels (BA – PhD) and early career researchers from all regions, but particularly Sub-Saharan Africa, South and Southeast Asia, and South and Central America, are encouraged to participate. There are no prerequisites in terms of specific knowledge or skills.

Deaf and hard-of-hearing students are encouraged to apply, as we will try our best to provide International Sign Language interpreters in as many live sessions as possible. All the lectures are subtitled and closed captions can be provided during the tutorials and discussions.

What information needs to go in my motivation letter?

Please provide some information on your academic background, main interests, and what you hope to learn and gain from the summer/winter school in 100 words or less .

Can I attend more than two streams? Which streams should I choose?

During registration, you are asked to choose at least two streams that you would like to participate in, but you are welcome to attend the other streams if you wish. You can find more details about the streams and speakers on the website. After you submitted your application, you can find the streams you selected in the email confirming your submission.


What are the technical requirements to attend?

To take part in the live sessions (Discussions, Practicals, Activities), you will need an internet connection capable of video streaming/teleconferencing. Prerecorded lectures will be made available to download well before the start of the live events.

All communication and scheduling during the school will happen in Sched and will be accessible via all major platforms including browsers and mobile devices. Live events will be streamed using Zoom, accessible via app or browser, or via telephone. Some networking events will be held on different online platforms such as GatherTown (details to follow). Webcam and microphone are recommended, but questions can also be asked via chat.

If you have trouble accessing any of the platforms in your country/region, please contact the organizing team. 

Can I get a certificate of participation?

Yes, certificates of participation will be available upon request after completion of the summer school.  To request a certificate, you will need to fill the /L+/ school feedback form, which will be sent to participants during the event.

What sort of accessibility services will be provided?

We aim to provide sign language interpretation for discussion sessions upon request for certain time zones. Please indicate your request for sign language interpretation during registration. The lectures will have subtitles and closed captions may also be provided during live sessions. Furthermore, there will be the option to dial into Zoom via telephone.

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